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Friday, August 23, 2013

Afognak Day Four - Thomaso Arrives

Hiking to the far beach to get in some fishing
Thomas arrived and was very keen to go fishing.  So we took him back to the beach where we had caught the silvers a couple of days earlier.  On the way I practiced for deer hunting and gave the kids rides in my hunting pack. Nora is still not as heavy as a load of deer meat!

For the sake of variety we took a 'shortcut' to the beach on an old trail that cuts behind the entire village connecting the two ends of the town.  It's called the 'new trail' but is actually around 100 years old.  It crosses a large swamp and once was a built up log and plank road.  Today, however, it is more just a boggy trail through a swamp.  Thomas, the kids, and Zoya were not very impressed by my shortcut.

Thomas admires the chicken of the woods

Fish on!
At the far beach the fishing lived up to its billing.  At one point both Thomas and I had a fish on and Stuey caught a dolly varden trout all by himself.  However, we only had limited room in our bellies, and kept just one salmon.

While Stuey, Thomas and I fished Nora and Zoya read 'Miss Pigglewiggle' at the top of the beach.  After we caught a fish Nora and Zoya tried the raw fish eggs.  They report that the eggs tasted very salty and 'strong'.  Or as Nora puts it, 'ughhhh'.

After fishing we hiked back to camp along the beach.  Patrick

Reading Miss Pigglewiggle at the high tide line

Salmon eggs - yummy?

Stuey casts for silvers

Thomas carrying dinner

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