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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Deer before sunrise

Glassing for deer from camp
Friday evening Lisa, Gregg and I hiked up to the alpine to go camping.  The plan was to camp out overnight so as to have a head start on hunting for deer the next morning.  Lisa still has a road system tag so she was the hunter - Gregg and were along as sherpas to help pack out meat.

After slogging up through the brush we camped out in a flat spot covered in bunchberry and enjoyed a spectacular sunset.  During the night the almost full moon was so bright it lit up the inside of the tent enough that I did not need a head lamp when I woke up to cook breakfast.  And then we broke camp before dawn and headed up the mountain.

We got to the top and immediately found a deer for Lisa, and she made the most of her opportunity.  One shot and the deer was down.  She got it so early that I got my first dead deer pictures with the moon in them.  Best of all, we had the deer meat in the fridge by noon.  Patrick

Camping in my new tent tarp

Sunset from camp

Hiking by moonlight at dawn

Dawn patrol

Lisa's deer is down before sunrise

Whoo Hoo - now to get the meat back to the car

Negotiating the alders on the way down

A spider in her web - we watched her attempt to catch a fly in her web - we were rooting for the spider

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