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Monday, August 19, 2013

Afognak Day Two - Zip, Hike and Fish

On our second day at Afognak, Patrick and Matt set up a zip-line that went from tree to tree across the beach at Lipsett Point. To be honest, my stomach was a mess of nerves as they set it up. I loved the concept of setting up a zip-line for the kids, but as it came together, the reality of my kids flying across the terrain on a cable frightened me.

At one point I said to Patrick, "You know Patrick, if its too hard to set up or you don't want to do it, thats ok with me." He replied, "No, no...not at all. We'll get this set up!" I smiled and said, "OK!" but inside I continued to be a mess of nerves, and secretly wished it wouldn't come together. I was afraid of someone getting hurt.

Matt offered to be the tester, to go across first. I think he went without  the helmet. Bless his heart. And then the kids. They were harness and carabeener-ed in to the handle, which was comforting.

The kids and adults enjoyed it! It wasn't too steep or too fast and felt very safe. The landing pad on the end was a bed of seaweed, which was nice and soft and squishy. No possibility of anyone running into the tree at the end!

One of our friends, Andy who was there used to set up zip-line courses and made  a few modifications to the system for back-up safety, which was fabulous!

Ziplining on the beach

Then we took a walk along the beach and looked at the petroglyphs....

Andy, Pauline and Piper with the petroglyphs on the rocks behind. 

And then fishing! The silvers were jumping right off the beach and within 45 minutes we had 3 fresh silvers for dinner. Pauline caught her first silver!

Reelin' it in together

Nora's first Silver!

Matt and Rachel ran back to camp, got the boat and skiffed over to pick us up, as it had been nearly a 2 hour walk to get to the fishing beach.

A crazy hair pic!

The girls on the boat ride home from fishing!


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