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Friday, August 30, 2013

Kodiak Foods

Here on Kodiak it's a good time of the year for local foods.  There are mushrooms in the woods, salmon are flooding up the rivers, the deer are easy to find up in the alpine, bushes are heavy with ripe berries, and the garden is producing at its peak.  It is not all that hard to create meals that contain only fresh local ingredients.  Last night we had a deer roast with roasted potatoes and angel wing mushrooms sauteed in butter and garlic.

It has been a joy to have Thomas staying at our house because he so avid about the local subsistence game.  The other night he came back unexpectedly from Afognak with a bunch of silver salmon to can.  That's the kind of unexpected surprise I like!  Yesterday he went with Zoya into the woods to collect mushrooms.  It was pouring down rain, but that did not dampen their enthusiasm.  He has also helped two of our friends collect a deer, and collected another of his own.  It seems he is even more enthusiastic about deer hunting than me, and that's saying something.

Just this minute Nora ran out of the house with a bowl to collect red currants.  It seems I'll be making jelly momentarily.  Patrick

Zoya harvests an angel wing

STOP!  Don't eat that one Thomas - I think it is poisonous!

Harvested angel wings and chicken of the woods

Unharvested angel wings

Afognak Silvers - caught on rod and reels and not in a net

Getting ready to can the fish

Ready to can - we ended up with 27 jars

August deer meat is the sweetest tasting deer around

Carrots and potatoes from our garden that we entered into the fair

My carrots did particularly well this year

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