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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Loth Teef & the Toof Ferry

In the past 4 weeks Stuey has lost 5 teeth, two of which he pulled himself when they became wiggly.

1 was lost while eating an ice cream sandwich at Chuckee Cheeses. (He realized an hour or so later when it was suddenly gone)

1 was lost when rough housing at the grocery store.

1 was lost at Afognak.

Stuey has a "blood on himself" phobia...I just looked it up-called "hemophobia".

Or if he falls and hurts himself, as long as there isn't blood, he's ok. He'll quickly ask, "Am I bleeding? Am I bleeding?" When we say "No Stuey, theres no blood" an air of relief comes quickly over him.

So with losing 5 teeth in such a short time,  the bleeding and stopping the bleeding are his primary concern.  He almost obsessively shoves a wad of paper towels into his mouth for 30 plus minutes until he is assured and reassured by us that he won't lose even a speck more of blood.

Along with such a large number of teeth lost, the questions about the tooth fairy have been coming also. The kids asked if the fairy is a boy or girl. And in the back of the car I heard the kids say to each other, "Yeah, the tooth fairy is real. But the Easter bunny isn't real. We know Mommy is the Easter bunny".


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