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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Three Views of Same beach

This morning Stuey and I went kayaking and then tide pooling.  I recently purchased inflatable kayaks for an archaeological survey on Afognak Island and needed to see how they worked.  They worked great and Stuey loved it - we kayaked out to the end of the bay and in an amongst the kelp covered rocks along the shore.  It was a little hairy getting out through the surf on Mill Bay beach (hence no camera) and on our return we actually surfed back to the beach.  Stuey thought it was a hoot.

Then when we got back to the house Mike P showed up on his way to go tide pooling at Fort Abercrombie.  And so we joined them for the second tide pooling trip in 2 days.  Right off the bat we turned over a rock and found a HUGE eel - like almost a couple of feet long.  So big that it even scared Mike and I - neither one of us wanted to even get close to it.  After that Stuey was terrified and kept on asking 'is this near the seel?' (his word for eel).   I had to hold his hand in places for the 'scary' crossings.  I seriously regretted that Mike and I had shown fear with the eel.

But by the end of the trip all was well in Stuey's world.  Some of his friends showed up and we found a HUGE starfish.  I joked that it was 'Patrick Star' - my namesake from 'Spongebob Squarepants.'   Only I claim that Patrick Star is actually REALLY smart.  The kids always roll their eyes.

Another beautiful day at the beach, and tomorrow Nora wants to go kayaking.  Patrick

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