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Saturday, February 26, 2011

St. Mary's

I finally decided to put Nora into St. Marys for kindergarten next year. As some of you know, I've put a lot of thought into where to send Nora to school, or whether to homeschool. I tried home schooling for a very short period of time and I quickly decided it wouldn't work for us...for two reasons.
For one, with my job and owning a business, committing to the time would be hard. Even though I don't work full time, it would be challenging to create a homeschooling friendly schedule.
Secondly, it was tough when the kids woke up in a bad mood. I know that moms who home school full time would just defer to another time of day or day when kids are more ready to learn. But with my hours of work, that just wasn't possible.

After deliberating and visiting schools, I finally decided on St. Mary's, the local small catholic school. They have K-8, kids wear uniforms, go to mass 1X a week, parental involvement is a requirement of enrollment...lots of good things about it.
The deciding factor was class size. The classes are somewhat smaller than the public school near us, which is very appealing. The kindergarten teacher at St. Mary's also has her Masters in Special Education, which is a bonus. She'll be comfortable with any speech therapy needs Nora has.

Now that we've decided, I"m very excited for Nora to start in the fall. Her birthday lands on the first day of school! Fun!


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Sue and Brian said...

That's awesome! She'll do great! I bet she is excited. I hope its a perfect match for her!