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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Villages on the Karluk

In a short while I am off to Anchorage to attend an archaeology conference and present a paper.  As you can see from my title slide (above) my talk is all about how the Alutiiq lived on the Karluk River (and lake) through time.  I focus on the last 800 years or so when my co-author and I argue that the Alutiiq started to build permanent, year-round settlements on the river and lake.  We are actually able to come up with numbers for the size of each village and compute what the average population would have been over the last 500 years or so before the Russians arrived on Kodiak.  When I started to write this post I originally put a few more slides in it and gave away some of our findings.  But then I decided that if you want to find out what we learned you got to come see the talk!  It's at 11AM thursday at the Alaska Anthropological Association meetings in Anchorage.  But don't worry if you miss it - I think I'll post our results eventually.  Patrick


Molly Odell said...

Ryan might be there for your talk!

Unknown said...

Yes I can't wait for the the population estimate from 1212.

And Happy Birthday!


Unknown said...

Yes Patrick, we are breathlessly awaiting the population estimate for 1212 AD!

And Happy Birthday!

-Gregg & Lisa