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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Beer Pong Saved My Life

Kids are so funny.  Today when I went out to turn on the car and warm it up prior to taking the kids to school I came back in less than 5 minutes later, and they met me at the door laughing hysterically.  Stuey and Nora  announced that they had watched 'a grown up movie on the computer'.  Nora said it was 'weird'.  And Stuey said that they had 'leaves on their pee pees and no clothes on'.  A little horrified, and convinced that I had been a seriously negligent daddy I took them to school. I tried to downplay it with the kids, but after I dropped them off I raced back and checked the netflix 'history' on the computer. 

It turns out that somehow they had gone from the childrens menu on Netflix to the movie 'Beer Pong Saved my Life'.  According to Netflix this is a 'a goofy and raunchy' movie.  I checked it out and the intro to the movie had the whole cartoon Adam and Eve thing with fig leaves over their privates.  Hence the Stuey quote 'they had leaves over their pee pees.'   Phwewwww! But I guess it is time to put some filters on the old computer.  And hey, tonight, maybe I'll watch a movie that the kids picked out . ... .. Patrick


Molly Odell said...

Haha! I was wondering where this blog post was going to go with a title like "Beer pong saved my life" accompanied by a picture of Adam and Eve! I guess you can tell I've never seen that movie.

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

I think you have never seen it because it is a REALLY bad movie. I checked it out last night! It is sort of in the 'The Hangover' genre.

The sad thing is that beer pong has changed since I played it. Back in the day you played on a ping pong table with paddles - in the movie they tossed the balls at the cups. Patrick