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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stuey's First 5K

"Was my hair blowing in the air?" Stuey asked me as we drove home after this mornings 5K Turkey Trot.

"Yes, it was."I replied.

"Like up really high?"  I smiled to myself. "Yes, up really high" I thought to myself and his self image of a being a cartoon character with hair spiking up towards the sky.


With my beet red cheeks and Stuey's short persistent strides, we made our way to the finish line. I made sure Stuey finished a few strides ahead of me.

"Go Stuey!" a few people from the crowd cheered on. Stuey was pleased to see the gatorade at the finish and helped himself to a cup before we headed to the car.

We decided to make the Turkey Trot our annual tradition...what a good way to start our Thanksgiving Thursday together.


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