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Monday, March 18, 2013

Patrick's birthday, pie crust adventure and Tank!

Last week was Patrick's 48th and we yesterday we celebrated with friends.

The day started with an annual skiing tradition; Patrick, Philip, Adelia, Lisa and Gregg went back country skiing all day. Some years its cross country skiing, this year it was downhill. While the gang was skiing,  the kids and myself cleaned (or rather, I cleaned), cooked and went to the store for birthday dinner fixins.

Its been a few years since I've made a pie crust and on Sunday morning, I knew I had to make one for Patrick's birthday pie. He prefers Pumpkin Pie to cake, and I had a desire to get good baking fumes in the air at our house. I pulled out "Best Recipes" which is a cookbook my mother-in-law gave me many years ago and is my go-to cookbook for many standard recipes.

When it came time for rolling out the crust, it involved some finger and toe crossing. The kids (and a friend over for a playdate) were sitting at the counter eating a snack.

I started to roll out the crust and it wasn't pretty. It was quite dry and sticking to the counter. Inside my head, a few choice words rolled through, but I couldn't let me dismay show with the kids. I said, "Ok, guys. I need some help. I need you to all cross your fingers and toes and hope that I can roll out this crust".  Just saying this made me feel somehow better-as the kids laughed and brought me inspiration that I could do it.

For anyone who knows Philip and Gregg, they are both incredible bakers. Gregg was a professional baker and Philip makes incredible baked goodies. So, needless to say, THE PRESSURE WAS ON. I thought, two fabulous bakers are coming over for dinner and I don't want to have a loser pie crust.

So the toe, arm, leg crossing thing paid off. The kids laughed as they were contorted into pretzels sitting at the counter, hoping for my crust to turn out. And it finally rolled out! Phew! I was sweating bullets.

The final test came at dinner time. We sang Happy 48th to Patrick, then cut into the pie. And the crust worked out!

What a fun birthday it was for Patrick!

Blowing out candles! Happy 48! 
Grilled deer and goat ribs...harvested last fall by Patrick and Gregg!

Birthday skiing!


Tank has been at our home 2 full days now and he fits right in. Yesterday Patrick and I couldn't believe how well he has already adjusted after just 24 hours in our home. He comes when he's called, plays fetch, loves to cuddle, only barks with strangers or unknown circumstances. Everything in the original Craigslist post was accurate. He is the perfect family dog. I took him on a walk through the park yesterday without a leash with the other dogs and he did great. He stayed with the pack and didn't run off at all!

Tank has become Stuey's pet project. Stuey loves playing games with him, calling him and cares about his whereabouts. We believe Tank slept on Stuey's bed last night.

We're forever grateful that Tank ended up in our home; we couldn't have asked for a better fit.

Our friends are still puzzled and ask, "Now why did you get ANOTHER dog? Another black lab?" Patrick and I felt it would be great for the kids to have a younger dog around the house and its working out great. 3 doesn't seem like that much more than 2 thus far. Something about it just seemed right; an intuitive sense. The time was right.  Zoya

Tank and Stuey

Books and shirts for Patrick from his Mom - NC Wyeth is the BEST!

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