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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Helen Keller Auditions and Off we go

Last week Nora auditioned for her first play, Helen Keller. Several weeks ago I saw an ad in the paper for Hellen Keller audtions-looking for a girl age 6-10. I mentioned it to Nora and she was very interested and kept bringing it up after. I watched clips of the Helen Keller movie on-line and showed them to Nora. The role is challenging in the sense that it doesn't involve speaking, but rather a lot of improv and temper tantrums. Nora and I practiced in the living room. She got the hang of walking like Helen Keller walked and got a taste of what acting is like. She really, really wanted to audition.

When we walked into the drama pod, Nora was very shy and I had to coax her to sit down in the chairs. There were 7 girls at the auditions and they all did so well. The director would show them as a group what she wanted them to do, then one by one, they would act the small scene out. One of the scenes was with Helen's teacher, and Nora did great with this.

I thanked the director for making the auditions so relaxed and fun for the girls. I couldn't have asked for a better first auditioning experience for Nora!

Yesterday the kids got out of school and Nora had 3 girlfriends over. They dressed up in costumes and raced around the house, before I took them down to Mill Bay Beach. The day was sunny and 37 degrees, but it felt so much warmer as the kids searched for beach glass by the ocean.

This morning we're off to Anchorage to do the Tour of Anchorage ski race. I"m very excited to see friends, family and do the race tomorrow morning!


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