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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Post Race Party

After the Tour, our friends Julie and Ray have an annual post race party tradition. It includes pizza, some type of brownie or cookie and beer from the tap in their living room. Oh and enjoying their outdoor hot tub in the winter weather!

The gathering includes some post-race talk...conditions, funny stories, etc. And every 5 minutes, someone hits "refresh" on the web-Tour of Anchorage results page to see if results were posted. Yes, we were all admittedly obsessed and very curious about the final results. 

The kids are at an age now where they all  disappear as a pack and have a great time playing in the snow, with nerf guns or watching a movie together. Its fun to have them so happily pre-occupied while the grown ups can eat and enjoy the company of friends. 

Adults and kids alike enjoyed the pan of freshly made brownies that Julie spoiled us with!

For the kids, hot cocoa was the perfect drink of choice after playing "dig a snow cave" for several hours. 

Group pic!

Brownies and Brian!

Brian taught Stuey how to wrestle. Stuey LOVED it! I need to get him signed up for junior wrestling!


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