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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Final Tour Pics & a Video

Zoya and I found the 'official' Tour of Anchorage video on line at the Tour of Anchorage website.  It's a very cool video and very much gets the feeling of race day across to the viewer.  And if you look closely you can catch glimpses of us in the video.  Hint: look for my eye-catching blue skin suit.

 Michael Dinneen Photography takes photos of everybody in the Tour every year and we purchased these photos of Zoya and I when we signed up for the race.  You can pre-pay for race photos!  Of course you have to have faith that they will take good photos.  I think they did a pretty good job this year. If you know somebody else who was in the race you can find them by going to the Tour of Anchorage results and getting their bib number and then going to the 'photos' link at the Tour of Anchorage web page.  Patrick

Zoya and the girls on the coastal trail Good form Zoya!

Patrick all alone skiing for the finish

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