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Sunday, May 03, 2015

Stuey Earns his First Turns

Stuey post holing in isothermic corn snow

Today I took Stuey and the dogs up Pyramid to go skiing.  We've had a lousy winter, and the kids have barely done any skiing.  Pyramid is pretty steep in places and I've never thought of it as a kid 'friendly' ski area, but yesterday during my daily ski I noticed that there is a pretty 'flat' area near the top.  At least it seemed flat on tele alpine skis.  Yesterday the snow was solid and there was some new, wet snow on top which made the skiing slow.  It seemed very kid friendly.

So today I took Stuey up the mountain.  We had to climb 700 feet just to get to the snow.  And when we got to the snow it was NOT solid like it had been the day before, but very soft and isothermic.  So we had to posthole for another 400 vertical feet or so until we could put on our skis. Our dogs do NOT like post holing.  I broke trail and Stuey was a trooper.

We finally reached the gentle slopes of the 'flat' part of the mountain.  We put on our waxless cross country skis and contoured around the mountain climbing steadily. It is a bigger area than I remembered, and on cross country skis seemed a little steeper than anticipated.  The snow was fast too.  But stuey did have a great time ripping it.  He earned his turns! (not that he turned much - he sort of likes to straight line it).


Getting close to the 'flat area'

Cross country skiing in the 'flat' area

Stuey contemplates the steeps on the backside of the mountain - might need to wait  a few years and get some wider skis

Ready to rip the downhill

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