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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

10 years of hunting Elk from a boat

Next Saturday we leave on our annual Afognak elk hunting trip, and I just realized that this will be our 10th annual trip. That's a long time - that's almost a Tradition! Our hunt reminds me of one of those articles you read in Field & Stream this time of year about 'Deer Camp'. Only our yearly camp is a bit different - instead of an old shack for a basecamp, we get to live on a 50 foot seiner. We also get to see some pretty spectacular country and do a LOT of hiking and camping while we look for the elk.

Anyway, these are three photos from the first year of the hunt. That year it was just Ira, Gregg and I on the old Alpha Centauri with Jim as skipper. We got an elk on the 2cnd day and only spent 3 days in the field (consequently, Zoya thinks it always should be this quick and always wonders why it takes us so long to find an elk). That year we also learned that it is very difficult for just 3 guys to pack out one elk. We also learned that the payoff in elk meat is worth the pain! Patrick

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