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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Conference Experience

Last week I went up to Anchorage to give a paper at the Alaska Anthropological Association's Annual Meeting.  I do this every year - and every year I see the same people.  They are mostly all archaeologists like me, and, somehow, it is a bit like a yearly high school reunion.  Except for a few of them like Justin, Bob or Aubrey, I do not see these people away from the annual meeting setting.  And everybody knows me too.  Only it is better than a high school reunion because we all have the same interests.

This year my presentation on the Karluk River was on the morning of the first day so after that I got to relax and just enjoy everybody else's talks.  Lots of time spent in rooms like that pictured below.  Some talks are interesting and some talks put you to sleep.  But you always learn something and you do meet a few new people every year.

My annual trip to the city and groomed ski trails.  And when the meetings are done it is GREAT to get back home to Kodiak!


Ho Ho Ho - time for another talk - let's hope it is interesting!

Time for a beer - often the place where you learn the most

IHOH = International House Of Hot dogs - and I thought it was pancakes for lunch.  Silly me

Great Dogs - I had the Texas Dog (nearest to camera)

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