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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sledding & "Mom, you are my Sweetie Pie"

Today was fabulous for sledding. We went up to the ski chalet and the sun felt warm and the snow was fast. We all got good exercise hiking up, sledding down and the cousins had fun flying down the hill alongside each other. 

Stuey loves the luge position. He can't resist. He lays down in the sled and flies down the hill. Frankly, it freaks me out. Especially since after almost every run he ends up crying saying that he hurt himself. (Patrick says that he does that only when I'm around. And I did notice today that once his cousins showed up, there was MUCH LESS crying involved. Hmm....)  

I encouraged him to sit up, which he did-for 1 run. Afterwards he cried to me, "Mom, that didn't work. Because I bit my tongue." Sigh. I tried.   He has little to no control of what he can see or where he is going in the luge position; it just kills me. I believe its time to make him wear a helmet. 

We only had 2 sleds. But in the back of my car I had an expired wood floor sample, which worked quite well as a makeshift sled!

hiking up with Ella and my nephews

Nora LOVES snow. She loves to roll in it, and munch on it alllll day. 

Stuey and Patrick. I was thrilled when Patrick went with him b/c it slowed Stuey down a bit!

Ella and I; who's who? ;-)

Tonight after I put the kids to bed, I was in the living room matching nearly 60 pairs of socks (my favorite Saturday night past time). From Stuey's room, I hear him say, "Mom, you are my sweetie pie". It warmed my heart! I went back to his room and he gave me a hug and said it again. Then he said, "Mom, you are my honey sweetie pie". I"m not sure where he has learned such cute phrases but he knew how to get a hug from me!


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