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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A week of Lost and Founds

The past two weeks have been  full of lost and founds; on many levels. 

First I lost a box of 50 electrodes from work. I searched the small PT clinic high and low to no avail. I asked my office manager to order more and she chuckled and said, "probably now that we order more, you'll be sure to find the old ones".  She was right. Amidst cleaning out our spare bedroom, I found them. So now I have 100 electrodes-enough for a decade of use (considering I use them only for biofeedback). 

Secondly, I temporarily lost my Coast Guard ID. As I warmed up the car on Friday morning, I couldn't find it-which is quite a hassle. I can't log onto  the computer systems or get onto the Coast Guard base easily for work. So later that day I had to go get a new one. The Coast Guard asked that I continue to look hard for it and turn it in when I find it. So I cleaned out my car like crazy; got large quantities of old food wrappers and drink cups out of the back seats. And in the front seat, I found my ID. So thrilled to find it and to be able to return it. 

Thirdly, On the "found" department, we thought we may have found a new puppy. Yes, we are on the search for a puppy. (I believe our friends think we're slightly crazy to even consider another dog, but the time has come. Roxy and Jake are getting older and it'd be nice to have them help train the new pup and put him/her in their place. Plus, the kids are at a great age to help with a little puppy and when we watched out neighbor puppy, Stuey, was quite a good helper. )

We've been scouting out the animal shelter and there is a dog named Charley there. She has been through 4 foster homes, jumps fences, is on anxiety medications, needs a LOT of exercise, and isn't house trained. The lady at the pound tries to talk us out of getting her. And I think we finally get it. But we couldn't resist taking her for a walk to just test her out. She has the sweetest temperament; doesn't bite and is good with the kids.  So we didn't find our new puppy yet, but still searching. 
(I vote for a young labradoodle!)

I also have found myself a bit. I realized in the search for all of my various lost objects, that my life has been quite busy and in slight disarray since my business moved in November. Our guest room still had holiday decorations on the bed and needed some light cleaning. 

Today I thought "wow-it is March and I'm just now getting this all cleaned up." Its been a really busy 5 months, but I hadn't realized exactly how busy until now. A lot has happened; I started a new job and moved my business. 

I think I found the fun, more chill Zoya that can take a few short naps on a lazy sunday afternoon and not have to-do lists zooming through her head. 

We love our Roxy. 

Self photo by Nora and her friends. 


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Aubrey Morrison said...

There are some ridiculously cute puppies that will be available soon from Alaska Dog and Puppy rescue. They were just flown in from Aniak and are honestly the cutest little things I've ever seen. They look like trouble though! Since I can't add a picture here I'll email it to Patrick. Even if you don't want to adopt one, you have to see how cute they are!