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Monday, March 25, 2013

Fresh Snow and Tank

March is leaving its mark on Kodiak with some sudden cold temperatures and snow! Yesterday it was a full day blizzard and today the temperatures have remained in the 20's all day. 

On Wednesday, Nora and I leave for Seattle for a 2 day visit to a therapist who specializes in auditory processing difficulties. I'm excited for the time with Nora as well as learning new strategies/techniques that can help her with her speech and perception of sounds/environment. 

Tank continues to be a hit in our family. No longer are we able to put dirty dishes down on the floor for the "pre-wash" the dogs are too aggressive with going after the plates. Tank frequently sleeps with Stuey at night and our friends continue to wonder why we got another dog. Somehow Tank found us, and we love having the black lab pack here on Cliffside! Tank has been the perfect addition.


Tank in Ft. Abercrombie. 

Stuey sledding today.

snow covered forest in March

snow=Happy Stuey!

Trying some standing up moves. 

Stuey's "The Scream" 

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