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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Saw Dust Pile: A Crabfest Tradition

I am a Kodiak girl; born and raised here. And now I am raising my kids here. A strong memory growing up was doing the sawdust pile at Crab Fest. This is where the Lions Club sprinkle coins into a pile of Sawdust and let kids dig and find it all!
 This was the first year Patrick and I  took the kids and they had a blast. It was done in phases by age: younger kids first followed by older kids. I think Nora and Stuey enjoyed watching the other kids during their turns just as much as they did digging in the pile.
Afterwards, Noras boots were completely full of sawdust. Now when the kids take off their boots in the house, there are still remnants of sawdust which come onto our entry way carpet. I think I"ll be seeing bits and pieces of the pile for quite some time. Its ok-it was worth it!


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