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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Dumping Out There!

After posting this morning I went for a ski expecting the snow to stop or turn to rain.  I got to the pass and the road was bare.  By the time I finished my ski (deep, dry powder from top to bottom on Pyramid) there was already 2 inches of new snow on the road.  Since this morning the temperature has dropped down into the 20s and it is now REALLY dumping.  My drive back from skiing was quite hair-raising, and I probably should not have been taking pictures while driving.  In my defense I did not look at the camera but kept my eyes peeled on the road, and I was creeping along in 3rd gear.

This is mid-winter driving conditions!  At Mill Bay cars were backed up at the bottom of the hill trying to get up the hill.  I passed a car going backwards down the hill and numerous cars coming off of Mill Bay Road (from Safeway) were skidding right across Rezanof.  We now have a good 6 to 8 inches of new snow at our house and it is still dumping!

All the new snow has me thinking about what I wrote this morning about my garden and winter.  Wouldn't it be great if as long as I was constantly planting my garden it would stay winter and keep killing what I planted?  Sort of like Sisyphus and the rock he has to keep pushing up the hill.  The only problem with this scenario is that I might not have enough time away from gardening to enjoy the snow.  Then I would be like Tantalus thirsty and hungry in his pool of water with fruit hanging all around and no way to get at either the water or fruit.  I'd be living in a world of snow but constantly working on my garden.  

So yeah I guess it's a good thing we have seasons.  And I do hope to eventually get my garden planted. but in the meanwhile I am going to enjoy the snow and I am going to root for it to keep falling!  


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