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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Very Memorable Mainland Trip

 This past week after Nora's graduation, our family piled in the car for a trip to Anchorage and Homer.   The ferry ride was 9 hours and the seas were moderately  rough. Even with dramamine in their systems, Nora and Stuey  felt sick at the dining room and we retired to our bunks at 7PM to sleep off the queasies. Patrick felt unusually sick as well in the moderate seas, as he normally is able to tolerate a good swell in the waves.
 These pictures were all taken before the queasies set in.....leaving Kodiak....

 We arrived to Homer shortly after midnight for a 5 hour drive to Anchorage. The kids were awake for a bit before finally giving in to the short period of darkness and falling asleep.

I did the driving and was hoping that someplace in Homer would be open for a cup of coffee. Nothing. So we drove on and 1.5 hours later was in Soldotna where McDonalds arches glowed in the distance. COFFEE!! I wasn't tired, but didn't want the tired to sink in.
Patrick and I both ordered coffee and I learned that it IS possible to get bad coffee at Mcdonalds! I thought Mcdonalds coffee was standardized or regulated somehow....I guess not.  I ordered the iced and he the regular and both of us had really bad coffee. We stopped at a gas station for a bathroom stop and Patrick tried another cup was also bad. I suppose 2AM Coffee anywhere in Soldotna is a bad idea. We chugged down and were just grateful for caffeine at that point. If we had thought ahead enough, we would've packed a thermos of coffee for the drive.

The thing about Patrick's seasickness is that it never subsided after getting off the boat. He still felt very queasy during the car ride and would have moments of stomach pains. We attributed this to the fact that he ate a very large quantity of bacon earlier in the day, but this seamed unlike his usually strong digestive system. He would tilt his seat back in the car and main "ohhh" as he hurt.

The drive was very fun. There wasn't a single RV on the road, no construction to speak of and after 2:30 AM, the sky gradually lightened. Gotta love living in the land of the midnight sun.
Patrick and I talked in the silence of the car as the kids slept in the back and the scenery...gorgeous, of course! Mountains, rivers...
 We arrived to Anchorage at 5:15 AM and started looking around for a place to eat breakfast before going to our friends house. We didn't want to arrive to their house before 7 and had some time to kill.

We drove by Middle Way Cafe, a favorite place of mine to eat breakfast. They serve healthy, organic type of meals, smoothies, etc. We pulled into their empty parking lot and there isn't an HOURS sign on the door. Patrick made a joke about how the workers can't get to work before 9AM probably because they are watering their bean sprouts and feeding their yogurt cultures at home. Part of the humor was probably our sleep deprivation and the fact that it was so early in the morning and the whole scene of trying to find some place decent to eat was quite funny! I laughed so road trip times! The whole feel of the morning reminded me of college days when you would stay up all night and at 5AM everything is very funny.

We finally decided on village Inn and had a good breakfast, aside from the fact that a tired stuey put his feet up on the table at one point. The waitress asked Patrick if he wanted something to eat, and Patrick replied, "no I'm not feeling so good. I'm still seasick from the ferry." The waitress looked at him really funny (you could tell she was thinking, What ferry? here? In Anchorage?) and I started laughing and I said, "the ferry was 6 hours ago, honey!" I explained that we got off the ferry in Homer at midnight. Once again, 5AM Denny's humor.

The not funny part is that his "seasickness' wasn't actually seasickness but an 18 hour stomach virus, which I ended up with the next day. Hence no blog posts until now. We took turns being fairly under the weather.  It didn't put too much of a damper on our trip, however. We saw some family, friends, and our kids got some good park and play time as well. Here they play croquet with our friends Julie and Ray's two kids.
More pictures and posts to come as I play catch up!


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