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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Another Idea for Nettles

I took this photo way back when Zoya first got back from Australia but then I forgot to post it.  In it Zoya is showing off another use for nettles - omelet filling!  Zoya made the omelet like she usually does only for filling she used sautéed nettles.  I think I would have preferred nettles AND ham inside.  But I must admit the veggie omelet with just nettles inside was VERY good.  When she made the omelet she sauteed the nettles first - cooking them in oil and then steaming them at the end with the addition of hot water (just like in my nettles and ham recipe from earlier in the month).  She then put the nettles aside and cooked the omelet in the same pan.

Just posting this picture has me thinking that I better go and collect some nettles today after work.  The nettles are only tender in May!  Patrick

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