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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kindergarten graduation and a slight hair malfunction

Last Friday Nora graduated from kindergarten. There was an hour long awards ceremony where the teachers of each class presented various achievement awards for the students, as well as kindness awards. Amazingly enough, the hour flew by. It was fun to watch all the different students in the school receive awards, pose for pictures, etc. The principal took turns with each class telling them they had "Graduated" to the next grade.
Nora was one of the 3 recipients in her kindergarten class of the "Golden Achievement" award, which is for academic excellence in all areas.
At the very end of the ceremony, each teacher took a moment with their students individually to whisper something in each of their ears. Nora said her teacher whispered to have a good summer and to keep reading lots. It took 10+minutes for the teachers to do this and it was fun to watch the hugs and moment of connection between the teachers and their students.

And no, Nora's hair did not look like that when we arrived at the church. That somehow happened in the 10 minutes between us arriving and her sitting with her friends in the front pew. It was quite the disheveled/mad scientist look! 

In a very rainy morning, right after the service, I drove Nora and her good friend N. down to the museum so Nora could show Patrick the diploma and awards.


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