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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A beach of sorts. ... . .

I can already hear Zoya groaning as she reads over my blog post, 'not more pictures of snow'.  And yesterday I did promise myself that I would not post any more snow pictures for a while.  But I could not resist.  Actually, the reason I did decide to post more pictures of snow is because yesterday Nora was reading the 'baby blog' (her name for printed out versions of our blog) from last spring, and left it on the couch.  I found myself reading it and checking out the snow conditions for last May.  I noticed that my last skate ski last year was May 2 - so we really are doing better this year.

I like how our blog is a record of years past, and decided that I might as well show my future self what I was up to in mid May in 2012.  Hey - it may bore Zoya and you the reader, but it wont bore me next time I read it!

So here are some pictures from yesterday and what I suspect will be my final skate ski of the year.  Today it is raining, and as it is I could barely ski to the road yesterday.  It's time to complete the transition to downhill skiing.  Patrick

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