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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Flyswatters on Kodiak's Beaches

Yesterday's blog post got an interesting comment about the flyswatters. It seems someone is mapping and recording all the flyswatter reports from Kodiak's beaches! Initially I was a little leery to hit the hot link on the comment fearing my computer might catch a nasty virus.  But eventually I did hit the link and a Google map of Kodiak popped up with the various sports teams logos at all the places where the fly swatters have been reported found.  Very cool.

I emailed the guy who has created the website and he sent me the link to the following story.

(or if, like me, you prefer to write out the web address rather than click on the above hot link)

It seems that the fly swatters and nerf balls are not related to Japan's Tsunami, but are probably from a container that fell off of a ship.  Anyway it is cool that someone is mapping all of them, and it is a very good way to highlight all the marine debris that litters Kodiak's beaches.

Here is the link to the interactive Google map - and never fear - I checked it.  No 'hot babes' or Viagra ads pop up on your screen.

You can also email the guy who has put the map online.  He even put all of our flyswatters on the map!

So as you get out and about this spring and summer keep your eyes peeled for the fly swatters with sports teams logos.  And then report them.  It will create a very graphic reminder of Kodiak's Marine debris problem.  Patrick

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