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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Skate Skiing in May

Here on Kodiak it has been pretty warm of late (relatively speaking of course), but our snow has been hanging in there.  At the pass on the road to Anton Larsen Bay there is still a couple of feet of snow at the road (see bottom photo).  And today I went for a skate ski right from where I parked the car.  I barely beat the bad weather that rolled in just as I finished my ski.  I had the windshield wipers on as I drove back to town.

It looks like we only have another week or so left of skate skiing at the pass, and it has to freeze the night before you go or else the snow is not solid enough for crust cruising.  End of days for cross country skiing on Kodiak.  Good thing we'll be skiing downhill on high into July!  Patrick

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