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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Walks & Awards

The whole point of this post was to post a picture of Nora receiving her student of the month math award at Saint Mary's so that my Mom (Nora's Grand mom) could see it.  Normally Nora wears a uniform to school just like Natalie is wearing on her right, but that was a special 'dress of choice' day at Saint Mary's.

It's definitely spring on Kodiak.  The crocuses are almost past and it's getting to be time to plant the garden.  Today I plan on driving out the road to gather beach peat for the potato patch.  And on the way home I'll stop in at Sutliffe's to pick up seed potatoes and seeds.  This year I think I'll grow mixed garden lettuce, carrots, snap peas, beets, and kale/broccoli.

Another thing about spring is that it stays light in the evening and we've been taking more walks down the road and into Abercrombie with the dogs and kids.  Stuey and Nora like to ride their bikes while I walk.  Last fall Jake had a bum leg and we had to stop taking him for long walks - I feared his long walk days were over.  But it seems he has made an impressive recovery.  As my physical therapist wife says, 'nothing like a little rest to do wonders'.  When I have some sort of ski injury I always have a hard time heeding this advice, but there is no denying that it worked with Jake.

I took the picture above of Zoya and Stuey when I was leaving for my Chief Cove deer mortality survey on Monday.  I always like to put a picture of Zoya and the kids on the camera when I go some place.  It's sort of the modern day equivalent of the family photo in the wallet.  I figured if the weather had turned south and I had been stuck in Chief Cove for a few days that at least I would have a picture of home to look at while I waited to return.

And finally - Nora receives her award!  Patrick

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