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Friday, May 11, 2012

Dance Recital Practice

This week is dance practice week for our little squirrel and fish. I fear that this will be Stuey's last year of dance, as he has just recently started to realize how he is the only boy in his class. He loves the big stage and really enjoys performing. So hopefully he will continue with either dancing, acting or something of the sort.

Patrick is very, very, very hopeful that Stuey will stick with dancing, as he would love to see Stuey be the male lead in the local nutcracker performance. (the male lead is typically brought in from out of town).


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Jessy said...

He is adorable! I know here in Juneau they have the same problem with getting male dancers. I pay a pretty penny (I think) to have Molly take ballet, but they will take boys free of any charge. And they still can't get them! Porter says no way. Too bad. :)