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Saturday, June 02, 2012

First Lemonade Stand

The past 2 weeks have been incredibly rainy.  Today the rain broke, the sun came out and Nora asked, "mom, I really want to do a lemonade stand!" Last summer I remember her bringing this up with me, but at that time she seemed a bit too young. Now, she is at the right age. We went to Safeway and bought lemonade and she made her sign. Nora sat at her table for 20 or 30 minutes before the first car drove down the road. Stuey and I stayed inside the house and made chocolate chip cookies to sell at the stand as well. 

  I was in the house watching Nora out the window when I saw the first car drive by Nora, and then back up to Nora's table. It was a very friendly neighbor down the road and I could see she was buying lemonade. I saw Nora pour the drink, get the money, and a minute later, the lady drove away. Nora came running to the house so excited screaming, "mom! I sold my first glass of lemonade!" She was estatic.
 Through the course of the day, I was so pleased with the number of cars that stopped to buy lemonade and a cookie. Neighbor girls who live down the street came by and helped as well. Nora and Stuey made $13 total, which was good proceeds for 3 hours of selling. Ella came by on her bike for some cookies as well. I gave her the family-cookie-discount---free.
Lemonade was 25 cents a glass and chocolate chip cookies were 25 cents a cookie. (Ella thought we should be charging more for the cookies as she said they were wonderful tasting.)
The kids discovered they did better if they held up signs that said, "Lemonade 25 cents" as opposed to having it hang on the table.
 This afternoon I picked up our friend Bob at the airport. He flew in from Seattle and is here on business to do archaeology work on Afognak. He brought Stuey some cool kid tattoos and helped him put one on right away. It has a REAL tattoo look to it.  As Bob said, "You gotta start 'em young!"

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