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Monday, May 07, 2012

More Powder

 Powder Day On Pyramid

A few more pictures from up on Pyramid yesterday afternoon.  Up top I ran into Maya, Brooks, and Philip.  We got to put down the first tracks of the day in the North bowl. I had to head home early after the North Bowl run, but they stayed and skiied some more.  They later reported that on their way home they discovered that a bear had walked in their tracks from earlier in the day.  I wonder if I had looked in the right direction on my ski back to the car if I could have seen the bear walking in their tracks?

This is the view from the top of the North Bowl - you can see Maya and dog in the lower left and Philip and Brooks at the end of their tracks in the distance.

Weirdly enough but it was flurrying snow flakes from a clear blue sky the whole time we were up there.  I tried turning on my camera flash to catch the flakes, but it did not really capture the flakes any better than without the flash.

Philip skiing up for another run on his split board snowboard.  He puts the 2 halfs together to make a snowboard for the run down.  And then at the bottom he takes them apart and make them into skiis for the skin back up the hill.

Snow on the trees and fog in the distance with a bright blue sky overhead.  Pretty hard to beat.  Philip took the picture below of me coming to a stop at the bottom of the North Bowl run.  As you can see I look pretty excited by the skiing!  Patrick

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