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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Crab Fest 2012~creating family traditions

 The past few years Patrick has been here for Crab Fest, which has been fun as we've created family crab fest traditions. For several years in a row when the kids were even younger, Patrick was out on archaeology surveys and missed the annual 5 day festival. 
 Our family tradition starts by parking at the Alutiiq museum where there is always a guaranteed parking spot and we walk the short distance to the fair. Then we get some food, and Patrick always gets a fresh king crab to shuck the delicious meat out of and share with all of us! the kids sit and watch semi-patiently, eager to go on the rides.
After the crab and meat-on-sticks are consumed, its finally time for the rides. This year we ran into some of our friends by the kid rides and their kids. A great time was had by all!

Before heading back to the car, the kids get a ballon-on-a-stick to enjoy on the ride home and once they are at home. Nora gets Dora every year and Stuey always gets an airplane.


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