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Monday, May 14, 2012

Going, Going, . .. .. .

I'd say the snowstorm gave us exactly one additional day of winter.  By the end of today we will be where we were before the storm.  Green grass, budding trees and birds singing once again.  Actually the birds never did stop singing, and the grass was green under the snow, but you get the picture.  And this was as I expected - you can't turn back the clock.  Once the ground warms up and the sun gets so strong, winter just does not stand a chance.

Every year I sort of track the elevation where snow is still accumulating.  Sometime in early April the snow no longer accumulates in town at sea level.  After that I've noticed that about every week it moves up another 500 feet.  Lately it has been at about 1500 feet. Next week it'll be at 2000 feet.  Right now our snowpack at 1500 feet and above is as deep as it has been all winter long.

I've noticed that while winter may pause above the 'snow accumulation line' it never does so below that line.  In other words once it warms up to a certain point Spring can't be stopped.  And so it is with our one additional day of winter.  The top photo was taken yesterday at 12:30 PM, and the one immediately below at 6:30 PM.  Finally the third photo was taken shortly after 3 PM today.  It's amazing how quickly a solid 6 inches of snow can disappear at this time of year!

Below is Stuey and his snow house.  Yesterday it was quite elaborate, but it got knocked down by dogs and cousins.  This morning he did his best rebuilding job before school.

Below is a picture I took of town from the Hoser Bridge while I was on my way to work.  As you can see at higher elevations back in the mountains it is still winter on Kodiak.

Stuey is holding the ice that formed on the puddles in the driveway this morning.  At 5 PM it is now 51 degrees outside.  Our one additional day of winter lasted until around 9 AM this morning.  Stuey wanted to use this 'glass' for windows in snow house.  Patrick

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