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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mainland Adventures of All Sorts

 Our trip to the mainland is officially a wrap. The kids and myself returned this morning. Patrick had to return several days ago early for an archaeology survey. We got lots of good park time in at Anchorage and Homer Parks.
 Sometimes the paparazzi at the parks was thick... (thats our friend Julie we stayed with in Anchorage!)

The scenics along the Seward Highway were gorgeous. My favorite scenic is always the glacial blue water in the Kenai River. And no, I wasn't able to capture that blue color  on my camera.

And what would be a road trip without misbehaving and some sibling rivalry? There was plenty of that to go around. Exhibit A below: Stuey intentionally annoying Nora.

A low moment of the drive was when Stuey and Nora got into a blueberry juice fight in the backseat. They each had partially full containers of Odwalla blueberry juice and it was thrown all over my car. I pulled over, they vacated the premise, there were some choice words used by myself, and the kids were promptly put on restriction from any fun "sweet" food for the rest of the trip. no cookies, ice cream or any fun summer food. I think they got it. Mommy was not happy! Fortunately the blueberry juice cleaned up cause I got it right away. Phew!

Upon arriving in Homer we visited with my Uncle Roger and Aunt Kathy and they treated us to  some amazing home cooked meals as well as fun times with Legos and Uncle Rogers Ipad....a novelty for Nora. Here Aunt Kathy helped Stuey build a dinosaur out of Legos. It was a several hour project, but a success! Bless their hearts for their patience with the little, tired, worn-out Nora and Stuey.

 In the middle of the night, we got up and sailed home on smooth ocean waters on the M/V Tustemena. (Stuey was the only force of nature to be contended with, but his punishment was not being able to go to  crab festival with Nora and myself today. He stayed behind with Patrick and they worked on the garden a bit together, which was good for him.)

On the ferry we had time with my friend Elke and her girls who were coming to Kodiak from Anchorage. The kids were all able to run around a bit together on deck and watch the boat dock.


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