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Monday, April 23, 2012

Visiting Bruny Island with Alisa and Eric

 Yesterday Alisa, Eric and myself took a trip to Bruny Island. To get there, we drove around 1/2 hour from Hobart then took a 20 minute ferry with the car on it. Bruny island is home to a winery, cheesery, beautiful lighthouse and beaches. We had a picnic on an overlook next to an old lighthouse (it was decommissioned in 1996). Alisa makes awesome picnic lunches-yesterday we had crunchy tasmanian apples, olive and rosemary bread with cheese and hummus.

There was almost no breeze at the overlook and a beautiful view with which to enjoy the picnic! And no one else was there! Alisa and I have had so many of these lovely sites all to ourselves. It is so peaceful and quiet.
 Then we drove for a a bit to a beautiful beach. First a hike to the top of a HUGE staircase to a beautiful overlook. Lovely view from the top! And then fun time on the beach. I sat on the beach by myself for a bit just listening to the ocean and watching the waves. We only saw one other person on the beach. And the beach was so clean and well taken care of. Alisa says that most beaches (and parks) in Australia are very well maintained.

 And our last stop on Bruny Island was the Bruny Island Cheeese Company. You can see the cheese room below where they had all the beautiful wheels of cheeses stored.
 Alisa and I shared in a sampler plate of some delicious cheeses and bread that was cooked in an outdoor brick oven. YUM!
 And this is a random picture of my breakfast every morning when I'm here. They have boxed ice coffee which I love. And these "pies" which have either meat in them, or steak or mushrooms or bacon and eggs..I get the bacon and egg one. There aren't any hormones used in the meats here, so they don't even have to say "organic" because its a non-issue. Alisa told me she discovered that when she moved here and was asking about organic brands. Everything made with local dairy, meat is hormone free.
The crust on this pie is so flakey and delicious!
It has been a dream vacation to Australia. Alisa is so fun to hang out with and she is an incredible host with showing me so many beautiful places and delicious food. Today we go swimming in the morning and this afternoon we'll start getting the sailboat ready for a several day sail. I'm really looking forward to being out on the water with Mike, Alisa and their boys!


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