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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Favorite Month

Stuey showing Sophie the beach glass pickings with some Kodiak 'urban art' in the background

Anemone underwater in a tidepool

Cece with lowtide at Mill Bay behind her

Easter Sunday Peak - this was my skate ski destination

The Valley I skate skiied up to reach Easter sunday with Pyramid Mountain in the distance

This is my favorite part of the year to be in Kodiak.  Plenty of sunlight and plenty of snow!  And best of all the kids WANT to go outside.  This morning we went to the beach to collect beach glass and seaweed (I'm making kelp chips and seaweed salad for dinner), and then I went for a skate ski into Kodiak's backcountry.  I was gone around 2 1/2 hours (including drive time) and yet I probably went for a 20 kilometer ski!  So convenient, and this time of year the crust cruising is at its best.  Right now Stuey is pestering me to go sledding - so off we go!  This kids are going to be whacked tonight.  Patrick

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