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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sun from the Sea

This is the sun rising out of the sea this morning just after Nora and I got up - we adjusted the colors in photoshop looking out the window at the real thing.  Nora made sure I got the colors and exposure just right to match what was going on outside in the real world.

Here are Stuey and Nora out by the firepit last night.  They cooked hotdogs on pokers, and, in honor of Zoya in Australia, I cooked a rack of lamb chops.  We did not bother with buns or condiments - just the meat on sticks and fingers for grippers (I had to use a knife to cut up the ribs though).  Later for carbos I cooked them up popcorn.  Simple food.

At the airport it broke 55 degrees which is truly amazing.  I don't even think the kids needed jackets!  All the crocuses are blooming now and I noticed that the rhubarb has come up.  Spring has sprung rather quickly in the last week or so.  Patrick

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