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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trails Summit Tonight

Tonight at 7 PM in the High School Commons is the Kodiak Island Borough's Trails Summit.  The summit is an offshoot of the KIB Trails Plan.  Basically the trails summit will be a bi-annual forum where the community can identify and resolve trails and land use issues.  At the meeting the Borough Parks and Recreation Committee and Borough Staff will be introducing the Trails Plan and then seeking comments on road system trails issues.  The second half of the meeting will focus on comments regarding Russian Ridge.  This is the first area where the Parks and Recreation Committee will try and come up with a plan to resolve the many trails and land use issues associated with the area.  The committee will present all the current issues, laws, zoning codes, and current plans pertaining to the area and will then seek input from the public.  This is the first step in the process and after the meeting the Parks and Recreation Committee will continue meet (meetings open to the public) on the subject and will come up with a plan (or TMO - Trails Management Objective) to best resolve the issues in the area.  This plan would then move on to Planning and Zoning and the Borough Assembly for approval.

Anyway, if you care about Kodiak's trails it is a very important meeting.  As I see it, it is where the wheels of the newly adopted Trails Plan meet the road.  I hope to see you there.  More details below.  Patrick

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