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Monday, April 23, 2012

Sick House

The Problem - wow that glare is bright!

The Solution - now that's better!

Daddy and mommy's sunglasses

Looking for glass

Mill Bay beach at low tide

It's funny looking at these pictures from Saturday because it seems so long ago.  Saturday was an event-filled, fun day.  We beachcombed for glass in the morning and went sledding in the afternoon.  And then came Saturday night and both kids got sick.  Nora brought new meaning to the term 'Mak and Yak' - our nickname for macaroni and cheese. 

Sunday was the polar opposite of Saturday - dreary and gray outside and no energy inside.  Stuey only got sick saturday night but Nora (and me) stayed sick all day Sunday.  Of course the not sick anymore Stuey was energized and hyper while Nora and I couldn't be bothered.  This created an another sort of problem - entertaining Stuey.

I spent the day cleaning up sheets from the night before and folding laundry.  The laundry machine and dryer were going ALL day and into to last night.  Nora lay on the couch and slept.

However, today is a new day.  Both kids were up and charging about by 6 AM.  The birds are singing outside - Nora has noticed the birds and tells me that it means, 'It's spring'.  Both kids are chatty and all is well. We are now a healthy house once again.  Patrick

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Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Oh I am soooo glad. Thank you for the update, honey! Love you! Big hugs to you and the kids!!