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Monday, April 16, 2012

Australia Bound!!

Tonight when I cuddled with stuey and kissed him good night he said,

"And everyone is good. But some people are bad and good. And deer are bad and good because they mess up our garden."

I leave for a 12 day trip to Australia tomorrow to see my friends Alisa and Mike and their boys. My bags are packed and I'm so excited for a journey to a country I've never been to and to see friends who lived in Kodiak about 5 years ago.

(and the trip comes at a perfect time after an incredibly busy four weeks---including jury duty, assisting at 2 births, subbing for fitness instructors, helping my sister from recovery from surgery...thats why you haven't heard much from me on the blog lately. I'll update from down under!)


Picture: packing, laundry, more packing, more laundry...

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