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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some more beach and barbecue

Jake cools off in the surf

Stuey and Nora compare beach glass

Roxy digests something nasty that she found on the beach

This is a random picture of the beach sand that shows just how much glass there is at the beach.  At the end of WWII the Navy dumped all their trash and stuff they wanted to dispose of over the cliff at this spot.  At low tide you can see all sorts of spoons, metal, old ammo cartridges etc all welded together into a sort of conglomerate. Every few years someone finds a live grenade and they have to call in the bomb squad from Anchorage. But all the glass has been tumbled into little gems.

Nora enjoys watching Rachel create the banana boats.  I wonder if we now ever again be allowed to have a barbecue without a few of these at the end.

Stuey created this sculpture all on his own.  I was wondering what he was doing over in the trees and when I investigated I found he had created this sculpture.  He calls it 'Mr. Eric'.  Mr Eric is one of Stuey's teachers at preschool.

 Sophie and Nora enjoy their banana boats.  I was horrified with the amount of sugar the crew ingested (we also had marshmellows on sticks).  I imagined a hellacious scene of hyper-activity at bed time.  But all went well and the kids actually went to bed quite easily.


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