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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hiking, Museum and Movie

 Yesterday the weather was sunny, so Alisa Eric and myself went for a hike on Mt. Wellington, which sits right behind Hobart. There were 360 deg. spectacular views from the top. The trail was in wonderful shape and after an hour plus hiking, we enjoyed a picnic lunch of cheese, fruit, crackers that Alisa had prepared.
 Since it started raining in the early afternoon, we decided to check out the Museum of Old and New Art. This museum is very new to Hobart and was funded by a gentleman who made lots of money off of gambling. It is only over a year old. It is built UNDERGROUND-3 stories. The rock you see in the picture below is bedrock underground. I was in awe-it is a very modern museum with lots of bizarre but incredible exhibits.

The picture above was these screens of people all singing to the same song, but individually. Hard to explain, but Alisa was quite fascinated with the TV screen art displays. Eric liked them as well. So much to watch!

The one below was the coolest...water droplets from the ceiling formed words as they fell through the air! The words rotated. They were just random words. I did a video of it and fortunately the camera saves the first frame of footage as a still so I was able to capture a 'droplet' word falling through the air.
 Last night Alisa and I went to a movie "First Love, Goodbye" at a local theater. Yes, that is the room where we watched the movie below. On leather couches with wine! It was such a fun venue! The movie was a french love story with subtitles, so it was the PERFECT movie for me to watch here with Alisa. Patrick would have thoroughly rebelled. She and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great story, acting and french scenery.
 And picture below is us with our wine before going into theater...
I am loving every minute in Tasmania. And every minute with Alisa. It is so fun to catch up on life, to talk about kids, travel, etc with no rush at all to our conversations.

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Brenda said...


Thats the reason I also love Tasmania. In our last trip we went to The Overland Track and did guided walking tour. We walk through natural beauty and wildlife animals. We are planning a trip to Maria Island, this is also amazing place to visit.

Keep sharing.