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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Exploring on Skate Skiis

Today I went exploring on my skate skiis. I cruised on the crust on over to Sheratin Bay. To start, I parked at the Outlet to Buskin Lake and then skiied across the lake and over the low pass into the headwaters of Elbow Creek. It was fun to explore a new area and to come at an area I visit frequently from a new direction. In the Fall I often take a boat to Sheratin bay to go deer hunting. Today I got there more quickly on skiis than if I had taken a boat!

The upper Elbow Creek Valley is a pretty cool place with copses of spruce trees and a creek running through it. I flitted here and there on my skate skiis and the mountains loomed up above on either side. That's the backside of Sheratin Mountain on the right side in the photos. Patrick

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