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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nora and the wolf

Last night Saint Mary's had their spring 'Festival of the Arts' event, and all parents and children were required to attend. At first I thought, 'oh great, Zoya's gone to Australia and here I am taking Stuey alone to an event that will go on until after his bed time'. 'This could be a nightmare.' Bad daddy that I am I did not even know about the event until the day before it happened. In the end Stuey fell asleep and I had a great time watching Nora do her performance.

The opening play was a sort of 'Peter and the Wolf' type performance where a teacher narrated the story and the kids played instruments to act out the scenes. The story is on the wall in comic form behind Nora in the photo. Basically, a braggart wolf named Harry gets everyone annoyed by constantly talking about how he is faster than everybody else. So the other animals come up with a plan whereby an ant named Fred challenges Harry to a race, and then hides on his nose and jumps at the last second of the race to beat Harry the wolf across the line. 'Fred wins!'. Nora got to beat sticks, imitate Harry's laugh, and chant 'Fred is winning' during the race.

And it did go late. I had to carry Stuey back to the car and both kids went to sleep immediately when we got home. Wow!

Anyhow, on another subject, today was my 100th day of the year on skis. I only bring this up because that is the quickest I have ever made to 100 days on snow. I have gone skiing on 100 of the 110 days to date of the new year. Wow! I guess I'm pretty obsessive. But I'm proud that it seems I am skiing MORE and not less than I used to when I was single and without cares or kids. Patrick


Molly Odell said...

Your comment about skiing more made me think of an interview with an author I heard on NPR. The book was called The Power of Habit. He talked about how there are 'keystone' habits, like exercise. He found that people who exercised also ate healthier, used their credit cards less, and did the dishes earlier in the day. It made me think that maybe being a parent makes you structure your time more efficiently, makes you take advantage of spare time and use it to ski!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

And what you say is very true. These days i often don't want to ski with other people because they take too long! I leave work, go skiing, and am home in an hour and a half (after a 1600 foot ski run and climb). Patrick