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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beach Glass

Yesterday evening I took the kids and dogs down to the beach by our house. Nora and Stuey love walking the dogs on leashes on the way to the beach. Roxie often would pull the leash right out of Stuey's hand. Down at the beach the kids looked for beach glass. They found quite a bit, but I was surprised there is not more on the beach. I know a lot of people break their bottles further out on the rocky cliffs to create beach glass. Kodiak does not recycle glass and our landfill has a limited amount of space.

So where has all the beach glass been going? My question was answered when I realized how many other parents with kids were down on the beach looking for glass too. I gather looking for beach glass is quite the evening routine down at Mill Bay beach. What a way to recycle glass!

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