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Thursday, April 05, 2012

"And How Does the Jury Vote, Madame Foreperson?"

This past week was crazy. Wild. Wow.

In a 7 day period I
- attended two over- night births as a doula
-helped my sister at the hospital, as she is recovering from appendicitis (bless her heart! she is a trooper and recovering day by day! Going home tomorrow, I believe)

-then I went to Grand Jury duty today....

I thought, "After what a busy week it has been, this will be a CAKE WALK! I'll go in there, surely they won't draw my name and I'll be outta there!"

Well, I was one of the 18 out of 50 randomly drawn to serve on the jury. And then, the icing on the cake, the judge picked me to be the jury foreperson. I couldn't believe it. Not only do I have to go every thursday, but I have to be uber responsible, in leading the group to vote, ask questions, read the oath to witnesses, etc. Thats what I get for thinking I could get a "day off"!

In the end, I am glad to be the "Madame Foreperson", as the District attorney calls me. I can help ensure that the process moves along with our group in deliberation. I had a chance to practice today and it went smoothly. It will be interesting to learn more about the legal system as well.

I googled 'Jury Foreperson' and it looks like there some information on how to be a good one, so I"ll read up on it. I figure this could be the only time in my life I am asked to do this, so I might as well make the most of it and enjoy it!


picture is of kids in block city they built sometime this week

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