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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Loving Tasmania

Tasmania is lovely. It has been so much fun to see my friends Mike and Alisa and their boys. Alisa has spoiled me with wonderful white tasmanian wine and brie cheese last night from Kings Island. It was the smoothest, best brie cheese I've ever had! And we've had so many great laughs since my arrival yesterday. Last night after the boys were in bed, Alisa Mike and myself enjoyed dinner atop the sailboat outside. It was fun to eat outside under the stars. Its nice to catch up and not be in a know that we have a week to hear stories from the past 5 years apart.

Today Alisa, Eric and myself went to a very cool Art sculpture walk which was about a 1/2 hour drive out of Hobart. There was a mile trail through the woods with about 20 various sculptures along the way. We were the only ones on the trail and Eric had such a great time walking with us as well. The art was done by a variety of artists and I posted pictures of a few of our favorites.

And the gate in the photo is no ordinary gate. Someone had knitted a cover for it! Yes-thats right--a knitted cover made out of yarn! There were several gates like that. Alisa says people knit covers for such structures occasionally here! I thought that was most unusual and cool!

After the sculpture walk, which took us about 1.5 hours, Alisa, Eric and myself had lunch at a sheep cheese farm and winery. We enjoyed some goat cheese tasting (YUM!!) which included lavender infused Manchego as well as another type of manchego. Anyone around our house lately knows that Manchego is currently my favorite cheese!

With lunch I had an ewe-chino.... which is a cappuccino made with sheep milk! So creative! It was delicious. I'm in love with anything sheep--sheep cheese, milk, and even pictures of sheep. Such great animals they are!

I'm staying at the cutest B and B ever-pictures to come.
There is WIFI here and the password is: ConvictTransportationForTheTermOfHisNaturalLifeByMarcusClarke
I couldn't believe it was correct at first, but it works. I was telling Alisa about it and she said it is probably because Australia was originally where convicts were sent that there is a lot of convict history here. That made a little more sense...still quite funny!


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