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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last Light

Yesterday morning it was sunny and beautiful, but by the time I finished with my ski it was cloudy and sprinkling. And today it is already blowing 40 and we got a full on storm. While on my ski I watched the light get overtaken by the dark clouds. In the top photo you can see Buskin Lake on the far left with Elbow Mountain and Elbow Creek headwaters on the far right. The clouds came in from the East and town was already dark by the time I started my ski while it was clear to the West. I got a few brief spotlit moments and then it was all dark.

The bottom map shows the general route of my skate ski trips the last few days. I created the map to post on the snow forum. The top picture is from the 'flat bench' at 900' looking towards the bottom of the page. The second picture down in the 'April - sun, snow, surf' (the snow) below I took a few days ago and is from the 'sidehill' and is looking towards the top right corner of the map. You can see the 'Spruce Trees - Sloping bench' on the lower left.

But today my skiing experience will be entirely different. It will be sleet and high winds. I'll be pretending I am climbing Everest in a storm or something. Patrick

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