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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travel to Sydney!

I made it! To Sydney!

I love Virgin Australia Airline. It was so comfortable, new-agey... and they gave every one in sardine class a blanket, pillow, earplugs, eye covers and headsets! Completely unheard of in airline travel nowadays.
The 15 hours passed amazingly quickly; I watched 3 movies during the flight and slept 6 hours. There was an empty seat between me and the gal I was sitting close to and she was a lovely Australian. We laughed at baggage claim because our bags came out on the belt right next to each other. What a coincidence!

At customs an official pulled me aside to another room and a customs official questioned me. He asked to see a copy of my itinerary, which I didn't have. (it is on my iPhone and is a "live" document and internet on my phone wasn't working). He asked what I do in Alaska and I said a physical therapist. He asked who I work for and I said I have my own business. He asked to see a business card, which I didn't have on hand. He then asked what type of physical therapy I do and I said I work primarily with people with low back and neck pain. I got the sense that he wasn't necessarily looking for what my answer was, but my body language when I answered it.
Then he searched one of my bags, seemed satisfied and sent me on my way. Next time I'm definitely going to print out a paper itinerary. Messed up on that one.

I have several hours before my flight to Hobart Tasmania so I ate at a delicious restaurant in the Sydney airport food court. They had the most beautiful spread of greek food. It was fun to enjoy a meal of tabuohli, stuffed grape leaves and hummus at 7 am! The food court is quite amazing with a variety of fresh food restaurants.

More from Hobart, Tasmania!


The goodies given to customers on Virgin Australia
New-agey lighting on the airplane. The colors would rotate throughout the flight!
The spread of greek food at Sarahar restaurant in airport food court.

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